Thank You Daddy!

Sitting around the kitchen table, enjoying coffee, and lots of conversation, much of it was reminiscing — Father’s Day with my sweet 86-year old dad is always time well spent!  I so enjoy listening to him and my mom tell their stories, share their laughter, and I love his smile and the twinkle in his eye.  He sure loves his family!

I always search for just the right card to give my dad on this special day, usually looking for something that reflects the special relationship we have shared for all these many years.  I really like the ones with the nostalgic photos of a little girl and her daddy, nothing too silly but not the formal “Happy Father’s Day” kind either.

One of the sayings my dad is known for is “Just about any man can be a father, but not every man can be a Dad.”  I am so blessed my dad is DAD!

Throughout my life, Dad has shown me how to love because he loves GOD more than anyone or anything.  Through my dad’s love for my mom, I have learned what a godly marriage looks like.  LOVE and RESPECT.  As a parent my dad lovingly disciplined, (spanked once, and said that was the hardest thing he thought he’d ever done!), but he never once ridiculed or treated me with contempt. He has taught me about honesty, integrity, loyalty, respect and purity.  Through him I have seen and learned first-hand about the fruits of the spirit – compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness.

My daddy has also taught me how to pray.  First as a little girl, praying with me and for me nightly at bedtime, and throughout  the joys, the difficulties, the choices of my adult life, my dad has prayed for me each and every day.  Not only me, but he prays for each of us in the family by name.  He carries our burdens, even when we think we haven’t shared them with him.  Somehow, some way he seems to know.  Because he has learned to be still and to listen.  Thank you Daddy for showing me  my Abba Father —- an eternal gift!

So on this Dad’s Day as I like to call it, I want to say, “Thank you Daddy!  Thank you for loving God more than you love each of us in your family.  It’s through your love for our Abba Father, you have shown each of us love.  Throughout my life, and now the lives of those I love so dearly, you have always been there with loving hands and open arms and bended knees. We thank the Lord for you and your life – for how you continue to lead and love us!

Thank you – because of you, many others know our Lord Jesus and I’m glad to be one. I love you.”

About beegee10

I am a follower of Jesus on the journey of discovering His real, lasting joy through God's grace and thanksgiving. Several years ago, I married my best friend, whom I met in kindergarten many years ago. Life choices took each of us on separate paths, but Divine Appointment brought our paths back together. It's exciting to share this journey with my sweet man - a man who loves God more than he loves me! What a gift!! As a young woman I prayed for God to send a godly man like my daddy to pursue me. I just wasn't listening and abiding when I should have been. Good news in HIS time and in HIS grace, HE did! Not only does my sweet man love me, but he loves my three grown kids as if they were his own. He shares their joys and he hurts when they hurt. I love to hear him pray for each of them daily as we begin and end our days. View all posts by beegee10

2 responses to “Thank You Daddy!

  • Laura

    Beautifully written. You have such an amazing Dad!!! ❤

    • beegee10

      Thank you Laura! Yes I wholeheartedly agree —- not only is he an amazing dad, but granddad as well! He has such a heart for his grandkids… there is a very special relationship for each of them.

      It really touched me recently during one of those dad/daughter talks that he shared with me that he regretted that he had not been as vocal as he felt he could have been with the kids, and wished he had been more assertive in helping me deal with situations… just goes to show you how much he loves us!

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