Beautiful sunrise at Lake McDonald – outside our cabin door

A night of interrupted sleep.  The alarm comes too early. Sounds like a set-up for a day that is on an uphill climb.   Definitely not the awe-inspiring scene that captured my eyes and my heart outside our cabin door that beautiful morning at Lake McDonald!

A new practice shared by Pastor Gregg to start the day: Pray —>Plan —>proceed turns it all around.  Usually I would have started such a day getting up and going through the motions of proceeding to get ready to meet the classroom full of eager sixth-graders waiting for me at school.  Then worrying about what the game plan was for the day… and then trying to stay one step ahead of the game.  Oh wait God, maybe I better utter up a little prayer because this day is continuing on the downhill slide FAST.

Instead today, my iPad app for Jesus Calling turns my heart to HIS WORD first.  The words of my Savior spoke so clearly to me that even with the unrest that caused my body, my mind, and my heart to not rest easy last night as I prayed over family and friends that have been betrayed by the Enemy, I found a balm that soothed my hurting heart.  I had to share these words today.

REJOICE IN ME ALWAYS!  No matter what is going on, you can rejoice in your Love-relationship with Me.  This is the secret of being content in all circumstances.  So many people dream of the day when they will finally be happy . . . Fantasizing about future happiness will never bring fulfillment because fantasy is unreality.  Even though I am invisible, I am far more Real than the world you see around you.  My reality is eternal and unchanging.  Bring your moments to Me, and I will fill them with vibrant Joy.  NOW is the time to rejoice in My Presence!”

“And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4: 7

About beegee10

I am a follower of Jesus on the journey of discovering His real, lasting joy through God's grace and thanksgiving. Several years ago, I married my best friend, whom I met in kindergarten many years ago. Life choices took each of us on separate paths, but Divine Appointment brought our paths back together. It's exciting to share this journey with my sweet man - a man who loves God more than he loves me! What a gift!! As a young woman I prayed for God to send a godly man like my daddy to pursue me. I just wasn't listening and abiding when I should have been. Good news in HIS time and in HIS grace, HE did! Not only does my sweet man love me, but he loves my three grown kids as if they were his own. He shares their joys and he hurts when they hurt. I love to hear him pray for each of them daily as we begin and end our days. View all posts by beegee10

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