narrow gate.001


most of the roads around me are major expanses of concrete.  multiple lanes of freeway, with on and off ramps. there are even designated lanes for high occupancy vehicles.  more and more wide roads for travelers.  people going this way and that way, all hours of the day.  the roads are typically wide and easy to stay on.  just like Satan’s road to destruction. 

the narrow road is difficult.  the boundaries are difficult.  it seems as if the walls could close in because we want to press away from Him rather than against Him.  but i know where this road is leading . . .  it’s the walk to Heaven!

the wide road leads to destruction. nothingness.  the wide road to emptiness is disguised as freedom.  free of restraints.  free to choose whatever brings pleasure, or power, or prosperity, or any combination of all.   there are no absolutes here.  sadly, most choose this road.  why?  maybe because its way seems easier.  maybe because everything is willingly accepted on this road.

as enticing as this road seems, the road signs ultimately reveal destruction.  the flesh may be satisfied for a while, but it’s only temporary, it is only temporary “happiness.”  my heart will not find peace here on this road.  this road is a cheat on life.  nothing, absolutely nothing on that wide road will bring my heart real peace, nothing like His true Peace.

 the narrow road is difficult at times because of the challenges of the world, the pull of the flesh, the attacks of the enemy.  yet, we don’t travel this way alone.  as travelers we have a compassour response to the Spirit and a road mapthe Word.

we can travel the narrow road in victory and joy!

About beegee10

I am a follower of Jesus on the journey of discovering His real, lasting joy through God's grace and thanksgiving. Several years ago, I married my best friend, whom I met in kindergarten many years ago. Life choices took each of us on separate paths, but Divine Appointment brought our paths back together. It's exciting to share this journey with my sweet man - a man who loves God more than he loves me! What a gift!! As a young woman I prayed for God to send a godly man like my daddy to pursue me. I just wasn't listening and abiding when I should have been. Good news in HIS time and in HIS grace, HE did! Not only does my sweet man love me, but he loves my three grown kids as if they were his own. He shares their joys and he hurts when they hurt. I love to hear him pray for each of them daily as we begin and end our days. View all posts by beegee10

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