mouse trap


Growing up, one of my favorite games to play with the cousins and friends was Mouse Trap.  Definitely a classic board game.  Building the elaborate Rube Goldberg’s like mousetrap was only half the fun . . . the other half was laying in wait, hoping to turn the crank trapping all the other players in the cage.

We were going through some old games the other day and discovered Mouse Trap hidden at the back of the cabinet. Taking all the pieces out of the pretty beat up box reminded me how much I had enjoyed that game not only growing up, but also playing it with my own kids.  But what really struck me was thinking how much this “kids” game is just like the “traps” we face in life.

Satan delights in taking something good, twisting and turning it in our minds and hearts, directing our focus on to something we want.

Something we want so badly that we elevate “it” above God.  We get so wrapped up in what we think is something we need, something we think we just have to have, right now – no matter what.  Our focus is sidetrack, going after the bait that’s been carefully placed, enticing us – laid out right there in front of our eyes.  We forget the many wonderful things our Creator, our Abba Father has so lovingly given us.  Once our eyes and heart become transfixed on satisfying our desire, Satan steps right in ready to meet that craving with what he wants us to have.  It’s never anything that is good for us. Never.

The cage is coming down on us, ultimately drawing us away from God.

Just like any good stalker, the enemy has been watching us carefully.  Watching.  Waiting.
Looking for those weaknesses, those times when we will say yes to his bait. He studies our emotions, looking for any vulnerability – loneliness, hurt feelings, fatigue, dissatisfaction, uncertainty . . .  anything to get our minds distracted away from time with our Father.   We get so caught up in the twists and turns, the enemy’s bait pulls us in, urging us to take the bait right now.

Doubt sets in.  His best scheme.

“Did God really say . . . ?”  – Satan wants us to question The Truth.

“Are you really saved?”Satan wants us to question our salvation.

We even begin to rethink God’s Word to justify our choices, to justify our sin.

But I don’t have to play Satan’s game.  He may be laying in wait, setting up a trap but I’m not helpless against his schemes.  I have an Abba Father who protects me, a Savior who intercedes for me, and the Spirit whose got my back and my front and my sides.

Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. ~ James 4:7


About beegee10

I am a follower of Jesus on the journey of discovering His real, lasting joy through God's grace and thanksgiving. Several years ago, I married my best friend, whom I met in kindergarten many years ago. Life choices took each of us on separate paths, but Divine Appointment brought our paths back together. It's exciting to share this journey with my sweet man - a man who loves God more than he loves me! What a gift!! As a young woman I prayed for God to send a godly man like my daddy to pursue me. I just wasn't listening and abiding when I should have been. Good news in HIS time and in HIS grace, HE did! Not only does my sweet man love me, but he loves my three grown kids as if they were his own. He shares their joys and he hurts when they hurt. I love to hear him pray for each of them daily as we begin and end our days. View all posts by beegee10

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