my journey…


dancing with my love @ craigs wedding


I’m on a journey, a journey to discover the secret of figuring out life:  all is grace – because God is transfiguring all things for His glory.  This journey is taking me desperately to my knees seeking His Face as I am letting go of me and declaring who I am not.   Where I have failed miserably, He is showing me Grace and Mercy.  Slowly, -step by step- moment by moment- day by day- I am learning to relinquish all that I am in the light of who He is.

The wonderful thing is now I share this journey with my best friendmy sweet man – who I met those many years ago in Mrs. Donaldson’s kindergarten class!  Choices in life took each of us on our separate paths, but Divine Appointment intentionally brought our two paths back together into one.

And now we are two spiritual friends helping each other on our journey to become the persons God designed us to be.

He is very handsome, amazingly patient and kind and better than I deserve! I can be a handful at times, but he loves me with his “actions speak louder than words” kind of living.  And he loves my kids as his own!  He shares their joys and he hurts when they hurt.  I love to hear him pray for each of them daily as we begin and end our days.

I’m the proud mom of my 3 kidseach one a miracle in their own way.  I love my son-in-love and my daughter-in-love and for the joy they have brought into the hearts of my oldest and youngest.  I love hearing the sweet voice of my granddaughter call me Nana.  And look forward to hearing the cry of life from the little one we pray for and wait for his/her arrival later this summer.   We have traveled some rough roads together, individually and collectively, but the prayer in this mother’s heart is for each to come to their own place in this journey and know Him, truly know their Abba Father.

I follow a God who is a Deep Forgiver. A Great Lover. A Wise Leader. And a Trusted Friend. And I have learned that the greatest confession of my life is that I serve a real Savior.  And again, I am learning slowly, He loves me despite myself.

What joy it is to share this life journey of grace, mercy, forgiveness, perseverance, patience and courage – even when shadows fall over life  – with my sweet husband, my precious family, and friends.

See that I AM God.  See that I AM in everything.  See that I do everything.  See that I have never stopped ordering my works, nor ever shall, eternally.  See that I lead everything on to the conclusion I ordained it for before time began, by the same power, wisdom and love with which I made it.”   ~ One Thousand Gifts

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