the story written by the hand of God


A love story that only God could have written began decades ago in a kindergarten room.  Over the next nine years, the friendship between the little blonde-headed girl and the dark-haired boy grew into a first crush, the exchange of the sweet innocence of a first kiss, the junior high girl would practice writing her name with his last name.  Sadly, a divorce and remarriage took the young boy away.

As we each grew to young adulthood, we both made choices in our lives that not only took us on our separate paths, but both of us also made choices that we know were not written by God.  Our lives were now thousands of miles apart and in all likelihood never to cross paths again.

Divine Appointment brought the two paths together again, forty years later.  The dark-haired man came “home” to manage the estate of his mother.   He thought while he was here, “just visiting,” he should check out the church and pastor he had heard Beth Moore speak so highly of when he had run sound for the Bible study events at his church thousand of miles away.  Little did he know, that young girl he had left behind decades before was also “visiting” that very same church, invited by a friend from work to attend the Beth Moore Tuesday night Bible study.

I was looking for a place to blend into the background, a place I could find the healing that was needed in the brokenness of my life.  It was a big church, an easy place to just “blend in,” and I thought I was doing a good job at being part of the background.  But at the urging of friends, I started attending a Bible study class that was a mix of singles and couples.  One summer afternoon, the Astros were playing and there was a large group from the church going.  Being a baseball fan, an afternoon with some of the girls from the class sounded like fun.  So there I was at Minute Maid Park, enjoying some peanuts and watching the ‘Stros.   As I was walking down the stairs, I heard a voice call out my name . . . it took me back because the name was a name I hadn’t been called in years.  As I turned to see who was calling my name – there he was, my dark-haired boy!

We spent the next several months reconnecting, long-distance again – but this time the distance was only 275 miles.   And this time, we had email, messaging, Skype, and a friendship that was part of the healing of my brokenness.  When we first “reconnected” – I was a wreck, a virtual shell of a person – a victim of a 30+ years toxic relationship.  A lost soul, lacking trust in just about everybody.  I was full of anger and hurt, bitterness and betrayal.

Yet at the same time, I had a stirring in my heart that I wanted to find the person God wanted me to be.  And my sweet man, as much as he thought he was here “just visiting” realized that Divine Appointment had brought him home for a specific reason – a completion.  So when an afternoon trip to the “old neighborhood” and a visit to the elementary school found the dark-haired boy getting down on one knee to ask the blond-haired girl if she would marry him and make the story complete, of course I said “YES!” and the kids all said, “Yes, it’s about time!”

That’s why we say our love story is only a story that could have been written by God.  Two people looking for healing and spiritual filling in His House, a meeting that gave us our opportunity to reconnect a shared childhood, a sweet, young relationship, was definitely Divine Appointment. 

So through the passing of time – a friendship that had been planted with the seeds of goodness, kindness, gentleness, patience, compassion, an offering of hope, restoration, and renewed trust grew into our love story.  Only a story written by the hand of God. –

“’’For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’”  Jeremiah 29:11

And He continues to write our story each day!

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