everything beautiful begins with the Creator

Beauty as found in Webster’s Dictionary:

a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight: I was struck by her beauty | an area of outstanding natural beauty.

• a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

a beautiful or pleasing thing or person

The challenge was given to be a “beauty seeker ~ to find beauty in all the things that begin with HIM.”   Beauty begins with the Creator!  The challenge was overwhelming, not because it was difficult to find but because it was difficult to choose which things to share!!

Everything beautiful begins with God. Ecclesiastes 3:11

Kelly's wedding day :-)

ri -praying hands

The Kids





This fishing is serious business

and still smiling!

Colorado with Mark/Susan

lizzy mar 2013

feed me...feed me...

K's Wedding

Early morning fishing - Lake Fayette

Memi and her little ones

Memi and her little ones

Granddaddy and the Daughter


Seek and ye will find . . . 

2 responses to “everything beautiful begins with the Creator

  • Jennifer_Studio JRU

    Oh so beautiful. Every thing! I totally understand what you mean by the challenge being hard because it is hard to narrow down all of your beauty finds! That is such an awesome way to go through this journey… with eyes open to all HE has given us. Thank you so much for sharing your post. I love the butterfly photo, wow it is stunning. I am always on the lookout for butterflies, though I do not find nearly as many as I hope to! 🙂

  • beegee10

    Thank you!!!!! The butterfly photo is one of my favorites – taken while visiting Branson. I just happened on it, snapping and praying the picture turned out 🙂 Now, we have a beautiful reminder (in several different print sizes!!) every day of God’s beautiful gift of the transformation of a butterfly. 🙂

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