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Fourth of July

Fourth of July found us staying close to home this year, doing our best to stay cool on a hot Texas July day. Conveniently for us, our city home was a local attraction with food, music, and fireworks for any and all to enjoy.  So since the festivities were in our front yard, we decided to venture out and do one of our favorite things —- people watching!  As thousands of strangers and a few friends we ran into gathered in and around the City Square,  we definitely had a great opportunity to see people from all cultures coming out to celebrate our country’s independence.

I had meant to bring my camera out with me, but in the hurry to get out before our puppy would realize we were leaving her for a while, I left it at home.  But my mind captured so many different faces of all ages, with so many different expressions ranging from anticipated excitement, smiles of happiness, eyes wide open enjoying the cold ice cream as it was dripping down little arms, and lots of laughter as people enjoyed the band’s good sounds.  Interesting though I also saw faces that seemed bored, eyes that showed sadness, scowls on faces at this celebration event that promised “fun for all!”.   I looked at this sea of people and was reminded that each one of them has a story.  We have no idea what that stranger standing or sitting beside us may be going through at that moment in time.  And then I was reminded, these people could be trying to see “my story” and what did they see?

“In all my troubles my joy knows no bounds.”  2 Cor. 7:4

PS.  After taking in all the fun we could handle, we decided to go grab something cold to drink and some wings at one of our local restaurants, and then take in the fireworks from our balcony view!  And Lizzy (puppy) had her first fireworks too!

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