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i pray because

C.S. Lewis

i ran across this C. S. Lewis quote on pinterest the other day and it has stuck with me.  his words are so true  . . .

how many times have i prayed, knowing what i thought i needed, knowing what i thought was going to make a certain situation just right. how often have i prayed wanting to change God’s mind.  oh the energy i’ve wasted. . . prayer does not change God – it truly changes me. 

just like i need to eat, i need to sleep – i need to pray.  i need the constant communication with my Abba Father, my Creator, my Savior.   i need Him every moment.

sometimes – simple short prayers, just like talking to my sweet man, or a friend, or a child.
sometimes, a deeper, more involved, pouring out of my heart and my soul.
sometimes – just being still and waiting and listening.

i pray because i am helpless.  i pray because i can not do a single bit of life on my own.  i’ve tried and i’ve failed.
knowing this weakness, gives me my greatest strength.   my dependence on Him is not a self-pity or a self-preoccupation or giving up.  in fact, it’s just the opposite.  it’s seeing an emptiness being filled.

 i need God every moment of every day! 

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