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Joy in the flame

It’s our wild desire to protect our joy at all cost – that smothers our joy. Like a flame needs oxygen, joy needs an open hand.”  ~ One Thousand Gifts

Seems like we’re always looking for ways to hold on to the joy we feel in life.  It may be when we look for just the right pair of shoes and finally find them, the right shade of nail polish, a new haircut.  It might be waiting for the promotion or new job position to come through.  Maybe it’s the compounding interest in an investment. The list goes on and on.  If it happens, then what . . . then joy?

One evening not too long ago, my sweet man and I were having dinner at a nearby family restaurant.  One of those very kid friendly places where there’s a game area for the little ones to play while the dads and moms “enjoy” their meal.  I was watching a group of kiddos  pumping their quarters into the numerous games and gadget machines and they were getting super excited when the occasional trinket would come out.  Was that joy?

So many times we look for our happiness, our joy, in these little places we might call our joy meter.  Just like the kids at the game room, we keep plinking our quarters in that meter of joy, which just keeps eating up all those quarters that we feed it. We keep holding on really tight to the things that we think bring us joy.   But real joy, true joy is ours —- the JOY Christ gives us.  And the best thing of all,  unlike the campfire which eventually did burn out, the joy Christ gives us doesn’t burn up with use.  When He gives joy, He gives it completely and in fullness.  “I have spoken these things to you so that My joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.” ~ John 15:11.

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