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bright promises

evening comes

Being a teacher, like the kids I look forward to spring break because typically we take a trip during my time off.  But this year, we decided it would just be absolutely great to just stay home and really rest.  As much as I love to travel . . .  sometimes, it can end up being a lot of work – especially all that laundry when you get home! So leisurely days of catching up on writing and reading, lunches and dinners with friends, celebrating our family March birthdays, and spending some time with the folks were all on the “to-do” list.

Even though the calendar for this Wednesday says “first day of spring,”  here in Texas, spring has been peeking around the corner for a few weeks now.   We will still have a day or two here and there of “really cool” temperatures, but most days have been gradually getting a little bit warmer… the weather has been absolutely beautiful here and is screaming . . . “Come on out and enjoy God’s beauty!”  So that’s exactly what we did!

The highlight of the week, came at the end of the week when we made the trek up 290 to visit Mom and Dad and spend some time at the country place.

The morning started off . . . with an array of birthday cards sent to Sweet Man for his birthday!  Such sweet remembrances from some very special people  🙂
bday cards

So we packed puppy Lizzy into the truck and hit the road!  We were really excited to go because the blue birds usually start their nesting right around the first of March, so I was hoping that we’d find at least one of houses had hung out the “occupied” sign.   And of course, this time of the year signals the time for the native wildflowers to start their budding time . . . so iI was hoping not only to discover some blue bird activity, but also some signs of bluebonnets.  We definitely were not disappointed!  

blue bird nest

As we walked the west fence line with Lizzy, we discovered 5 of our 7 blue bird houses have nests!  No eggs yet, but at least we have nests.  And we could see the momma birds hovering around the area. With so much to see and so many distractions, Lizzy decided she’d play a little “where in the world is Lizzy” – thank goodness for her pink tongue!  I was hoping she hadn’t snuck under the fence and gone into our neighbor’s cow pasture. She’s got some pretty good camouflage working.

where's lizzy

And a few other little surprises we found as we were walking were some bright promises of future patches of wildflowers . . .

1st bluebonner 2013the lone blue bonnet and indian paintbrush . . .

indian paintbrush

and while we did some mowing, cleaning out dead brush and checking out other wildlife activity, Lizzy enjoyed laying in  the cool green grass and chasing a grasshopper or two.

lizzy mar 2013

As the day was coming to a close . . . one last birthday gift was given.  Our Creator’s beauty was brilliantly painting the western sky.  We delighted in what will be the view from our front porch . . . such Splendor!  

birthday sunset

“This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” ~Psalm 118:24

Fourth of July

Fourth of July found us staying close to home this year, doing our best to stay cool on a hot Texas July day. Conveniently for us, our city home was a local attraction with food, music, and fireworks for any and all to enjoy.  So since the festivities were in our front yard, we decided to venture out and do one of our favorite things —- people watching!  As thousands of strangers and a few friends we ran into gathered in and around the City Square,  we definitely had a great opportunity to see people from all cultures coming out to celebrate our country’s independence.

I had meant to bring my camera out with me, but in the hurry to get out before our puppy would realize we were leaving her for a while, I left it at home.  But my mind captured so many different faces of all ages, with so many different expressions ranging from anticipated excitement, smiles of happiness, eyes wide open enjoying the cold ice cream as it was dripping down little arms, and lots of laughter as people enjoyed the band’s good sounds.  Interesting though I also saw faces that seemed bored, eyes that showed sadness, scowls on faces at this celebration event that promised “fun for all!”.   I looked at this sea of people and was reminded that each one of them has a story.  We have no idea what that stranger standing or sitting beside us may be going through at that moment in time.  And then I was reminded, these people could be trying to see “my story” and what did they see?

“In all my troubles my joy knows no bounds.”  2 Cor. 7:4

PS.  After taking in all the fun we could handle, we decided to go grab something cold to drink and some wings at one of our local restaurants, and then take in the fireworks from our balcony view!  And Lizzy (puppy) had her first fireworks too!

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